Which member of Skid Row are you?

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Hey you! Yeah you! Who else do you think I’m talking to the monster under your bed? Have you ever really wondered which Skid Row member you are? Probably not! Well here’s this quiz anyways. Have fun, enjoy!

Sorry if this is bad I made it in an hour bahaha, there’s not many Skid Row quizzes out there so I decided to make my own. There’s only 12 questions to answer and then you will hopefully get your favorite band member :)

Created by: Kai of Monkeys.com
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  1. What’s your Ideal date ?
  2. Who are your favorite bands ?
  3. Chose a skid row song
  4. What’s your go to musical genre?
  5. Your favorite accessory?
  6. Choose an Animal
  7. What’s your favorite movie?
  8. Would you ever get a tattoo?
  9. What’s your main way of transportation?
  10. Where do you usually hangout?

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Quiz topic: Which member of Skid Row am I?