Which DBSK's member is your ideal boyfriend?

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Admit it you do want DBSK as your boyfriend or even more than that *grin* i knew i do^^ Each member have their own quality that'll make you fall for them.

Take this quiz and find out which member is the most ideal to your type. maybe your favourite member is your ideal boyfriend. It could be destiny, huh?

Created by: sillymilly

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  1. What kind of movie would you like to watch on your first date?
  2. Which animal is your favourite?
  3. It's Valentine's day, what do you prefer to receive from your boyfriend?
  4. You acted cute infront of your boyfriend and his reaction was....
  5. You introduced your bf to your friends and some of them trying to flirt with him. He was like...
  6. What do you enjoy the most in free time?
  7. Which actor do you prefer?
  8. What's your favourite food?
  9. Which member do you love the most and you wish you're more than fan to him....
  10. What do you love about DBSK?

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Quiz topic: Which DBSK's member is my ideal boyfriend?