Which HOT celebrity boyfriend is yours? (GIRLS ONLY!)

Take this quiz if you like HOT celebrities! This quiz will tell you your future celebrity boyfriend! If you like hot guys take this awesome quiz, that I worked really hard on!

Take this quiz if you are a girl in a desperate need of a boyfriend, celebrity boyfriend! If you have already got a boyfriend take this quiz too. So then take this cool, awesome and great quiz!

Created by: Wassup9877
  1. Which dude do you like better?
  2. Do you like movie stars or singers?
  3. Do you like boys?
  4. Which is your most favorite movie, out of these 6?
  5. Do you date boys?
  6. Alkhfg;lhbaow;goegrs;'aeghoaeg;jaev;u? Choose your answer wisely.
  7. What would you do on your first date?
  8. What do you FIRST notice in a guy?
  9. What type of guy do you like most?
  10. What would you give your boyfriend for his birthday?
  11. Are you hot, cute or ugly?
  12. Are boys interested in you?
  13. What type of girl are you?
  14. Which one?
  15. Almost done, did you like this quiz?
  16. OK, this is the LAST, MOST VITAL and MOST IMPORTANT question. (This counts on your result) Do you like me? (And I won't take no for an answer!)

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Quiz topic: Which HOT celebrity boyfriend is mys? (GIRLS ONLY!)