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  • "Your mom's chest hair!" You are Janis Ian played by Lizzy Caplan. You can be rather mean and sneaky, especially when you're after revenge. You are a really cool and fun person. You like to do your own thing and you aren't like most people, which is a good thing. You have a great personality. You are different and unique. You're an interesting person and rather relaxed and laid back. You enjoy chilling out and talking with like minded people. Like Lizzy you may have sensitive feelings when it comes to friendships.

    Yeah, that's me..

  • Wow you're like really pretty! So you agree... you think you're really pretty?" You are Regina George played by Rachel McAdams. You can be a really mean girl! Now that doesn't mean you have a mean heart. If someone messes with you, you will mess right back. You may be sarcastic at times. You are probably the Queen Bee or leader of your group. You can be feisty when you want. When you want something you have the determination to get it. Your friends are important to you, and perhaps you should appreciate them more. You are smart and a thinker. Like Regina you are strong willed, even if you don't know it yet. Cool... I guess

  • Which Mean Girls girl are you?
    Your Result: Gretchen Weiners 85%

    "Why should Ceaser get to stomp around like a giant, while the rest of us try not to get smoshed under his big feet? Brutus is just as smart as Ceaser ok, Brutus is just as cute as Ceaser, people totally like Brutus just as much as they like Ceaser. And when did it become ok for one person to be the boss of everybody huh? Because that's NOT what Rome is about! We should totally just stab Ceaser!" You are Gretchen Weiners played by Lacey Chabert. You are not really mean by nature, but may be mean to be fit in. You are actually rather kind and compassionate. You tend to be a follower rather than a leader and are loyal to your friends. You are rather clever but may let others do your thinking at times. You are not a lone ranger, and want to feel secure and apart of something. You enjoy giving advice and cheering people up. You like to share your opinions. Like Gretchen you may be an attention seeker at times.

  • Regina George. So me!

  • I'm Cady Heron, yeah, that description is pretty much me, haha.

    Good quiz :D

  • So good

  • i am like regina george, for a reason, i am beautiful, feisty, sexy, smart and i speak the truth about people and i think when she made up rumors about people in the movie it was so f---ing hilarious

    cady is a bit ugly compaired to her, but gretchen isn't i was 13 when that movie came out i am 29 now

  • 91 regena

  • im cady


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