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  • EPIC! And I got Kenpo :]

    Kalafina Mar 25 '15, 8:38PM
  • I got excellent results! Just as I assumed, my best fighting style (and know well over 20 arts) is Karate. I first learned Karate when I was 7 and mastered it when i was 13. It was my very first martial art.

    TheNumberOne Mar 11 '15, 10:31AM
  • Ninjitsu

    Whiplash Jan 20 '15, 10:32AM
  • Hi, i wanted to know out of muay thai, kenpo, capoeira, ninjitsu, jeet kune do, wing chun, kung fu and taekwondo, which one(s) will cause the least amount of injury, as i want to do modelling, but i've also wanted to do martial arts since young, and these are my favourite options.

    kwakzz Jan 15 '15, 2:44AM
  • Is it possible to learn Tai Chi at home?

    aleshiaann Jan 3 '15, 1:19AM
  • Sensei S.A. McComas, I really enjoyed the questions. It put me into a thought process about myself, and it let me know how much I've grown. Thank you for this.

    SLIDE Dec 12 '14, 4:50PM
  • Karalyn, how about shotokan karate; it was a influence on TKD so you might want to check that out

    Donald1 Nov 13 '14, 5:41PM
  • forgive my poor writing and grammar on my prevouis comment.

    Thetruetaekwondo Oct 25 '14, 8:14PM
  • This is obviuosly geared to kenpo nomaterr what i do i get kenpo and other people got kenpo too I tried kenpo and found that fulfilled barely barely any of my slections on the quiz. I think who evere created this really biased.

    Thetruetaekwondo Oct 25 '14, 8:13PM
  • Hi! My name is Karalyn and I was wondering which martial art would be the best for me. I have a black belt it Tae Kwon Do and I really like it, but my mom wants me to try a different art. Which would be the best compliment to Tae Kwon Do?

    Karalyn Aug 31 '14, 8:00PM
  • hi my name is Donald, I've practiced goju karate and got 75% being my second highest and the one slightly higher was kenpo being kenpo 79%. I was reading the words describing it and it mentioned it was Japanese and Chinese

    I got two questions, the language that the commands are called in class, is it Japanese, Chinese or depending on who's teaching

    Also what is the comparison of Karate and kenpo

    Donald1 Jul 23 '14, 2:12PM
  • Thank you, this should help out so much. You just did the weeding out for me. Again, thank you.

    keithsurf May 21 '14, 1:09AM
  • Hi! Great test, I liked the questions, now I ended up with Kenpo (never heard of it, I'll investigate further) I'm currently practicing Wushu Changquan Style, any comment on advice on how to close the gap on these arts? so far as I know there are no Kenpo schools in my city...Thank you very much!

    shaggy88 May 15 '14, 12:59PM
  • I'm a practitioner of Aikido, but I was thinking of also taking Uechi-Ryu Karate lessons. Karate has always impressed me. So after I will graduate, I'm going to take Karate lessons.

    Pacman07 Jan 18 '14, 1:07PM
  • Does anyone know of any kenpo or ninjutsu programs in indianapolis

    Dustinjp16 Oct 18 '13, 4:00PM
  • Kenpo is completely useless in a real fight.

    Fact Sep 6 '13, 11:58AM
  • I studied kempo for several years and quit a couple of years ago because of the Recession and because I was unhappy with a new sensei. I took your quiz and guess what art came in first? Kenpo! I guess it was the right choice for me, after all.

    Shaogirl May 20 '13, 10:05AM
  • I'm surprised!
    I would like to join Ninjutsu but I was on the fence so long but really I don't have the good reason why I should join it
    But my goal is always about self-defense and Ninjutsu' technique doesn't appeared to be very effective in real situatuion either.
    So i put Ninjutsu away. Kempo or Kenpo which I got 89% from the test and after watched some of the video I was pumped and tempted to learn it,the problem is Kenpo is even more mysterious than Ninjutsu on how to find the place to learn in my country!
    Let alone finding a legit one!

    Barami May 19 '13, 1:13PM
  • Hi, I appreciate you doing this test, and my tendency to regard Kempo as the right art for me was strengthened.

    I got around 86% on Kempo. So I though that I could think backwards in relation to the test, as in knowing the right answers to scoring 100% on a given martial art would allow me to change to change my own thinking in order to optimize my efficiency in Kempo.

    Can you tell me (through private message/ send me an email) with the answers for a 100% Kempo person?

    Thanks in advance ;)

    aezur Apr 25 '13, 5:01PM
  • Hi, I appreciate you doing this test, and my tendency to regard Kempo as the right art for me was strengthened.

    I got around 86% on Kempo.

    aezur Apr 25 '13, 4:58PM
  • You must be psychic. I was leaning to Kenpo, the main reason initially was that it's a mile from my home. I have also done alot of online research, alot of it led to Ed Parker and I like what I've found. Another local Do-jo deals in Goju-Kia. I researched that a little and I didn't really like the animal noises that these guy's were doing, maybe a little to ancient for me. Looks like I'll be checking out the Kenpo Do-jo, they offering a free introductory lesson/visit. I did lie about my age though, I'm 54 yrs young :)

    mbrpm Jan 23 '13, 7:29PM
  • If I could develop just 2 qualities to master level it would be the ability to see my opponents seem like they are moving in slow motion in a real fight, so therefor I would not freeze, go into a reptilian brain defensive mode, and get killed. (The toughest guy in my neighborhood growing up once took on 3 crazed bikers barehanded and knocked all 3 out in a flash and said later" They all seemed to be moving in slow motion. And despite some martial training, he was just a street fighter! He is Michael Ratner from Brighton Beach.

    Second thing I would want is to "know" I can take my opponent out in one shot. I have 25+ years in the arts and I will tell you why: If you have nothing else but devastating power, you will be relaxed beyond what 99.9% of martial artists, and that means that even if you position yourself wrong, make mistakes and your opponent knows all about angles, distracting you and is even more confident than you....you will still win.

    daytrader50 Jun 17 '12, 10:08PM

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