Which mane 6 are you?

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OK, so this is my first quiz. I used a lot of time, but it was very fun to make this quiz. I actually don’t know what I should write here so, here comes some (not) random letters:

Random letters, random letters, random letters, NOT RANDOM LETTERS! Um, this thing has to be at least 150 characters long..... sooooooooo.. i dunno what to write. Oh... i used 150 characters! HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!!

Created by: Alicia Kristin

  1. OK, so first of all, which pony do you want?
  2. I’m sorry, but what is your favourite colour?
  3. Where and how do you want to spend your spare time?
  4. What do you think about fashion?
  5. PARTY??
  6. We are going to the library!
  7. Sooo.... what do you think of lies?
  8. You like my outfit??
  9. Choose:
  10. Describe yourself.
  11. This was all for now. Bye! <3

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Quiz topic: Which mane 6 am I?