Which Mamotte Lollipop Chara are you?

Well, i think the title speaks for itself. this is a quiz to find out which Mamotte Lollipop Character you are. it gives you personality traits based on your answers and results.

So Please~~~ Take this Quiz! I warn you though it's my first so it's not that good... BUt Any way. "Which Character are you? Who do you think you'll get? find out by taking my quiz!"

Created by: Calysta

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  1. do you liek to work?
  2. Are you a happy person?
  3. Are you Calm?
  4. Are you defensive?
  5. Fave color? (Me: Yeah, i said it! so what, i have a bow and arrows AND Rill with me!)
  6. Fave desert?
  7. (Me:ok, it's RP Time! yup!) You are going somewhere with your friends, where do you go?
  8. (Me: next one!) Oh Look, one of the people going with you guys is your crush. youtwo get seperated from your friends. what do you do?
  9. (Me;ok, enough RP) Fave Drink?
  10. Who is your fave chara?
  11. Fave Couple?
  12. (Me:ok Guys, answer Q.5 if male) Crush on? (Girls only)
  13. (ME: Girls, your turn to answer 5 only) Crush? (Guys only)
  14. Magic type?
  15. Fave Quote?
  16. was this quiz good? it was my first.

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Quiz topic: Which Mamotte Lollipop Chara am I?