Which Shugo Chara! Guy is for You?

Which Shugo Chara! guy are you best with? Take this quiz and find out! Good questions, with a great description (well, I thought). *you: Better be...* *me: They are! If you don't think so, then your crazy!* *you: that was a horrible comeback.* *me: I know. Don't rub it in.*

Is it Kairi, the quiet yet passionate one? Or Ikuto, the mysterious yet caring one? Or even Tadase, the prideful yet servant-like one? Or is it Kukai, the energetic, good advice-giver?! Take the quiz and find out!!!

Created by: Rachelle
  1. First question... Wait a second... *hides behind bulletproof wall with helmet* Okay. What's you're favorite color? *ducks for cover*
  2. What kind of attitude would your guy have?
  3. Scenario: Let's say you and your guy are on a date. Where does he prefer to go?
  4. Hurry! Pick one!
  5. Apparel? What does your guy wear?
  6. How does your guy act around you?
  7. Okay, what best describes YOU?
  8. How did you and your guy meet?
  9. Who else likes your guy?
  10. Last one, how confident are you around your guy?

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