Broken Wings part 4

thank you for taking this quiz! i reccomend you to read broken wings part 1-3 before taking this, or else it wont make sense AT ALL. thank you !!!!!!

if you have read broken wings part 1-3, good job...and now to be random!!!! lollipop lollipop, lolli lolli lolli pop!lollipop! thank you! and goodbye!!

Created by: iLuvMusic99
  1. During the middle of the night, you stood up. as if in a trance you slowly made your way to the hall, everything was pitch black. the only thing that you can see is your white nightgown, billwing in the wind.
  2. the only ting tha you can hear is your heartbeat, in tune with your footsteps. you walked around the house, trying to find the one thing that mattered...
  3. as you past some rooms, you seemed to wake up some people. "_____?" somebody asked. you ignored them, and walked toward the last room in the hall. theo. slowly, you opened the doornob, and entered.
  4. you youched theo's shoulder. and whispered something in his ear. he smiled. "you remember now, huh?" he whispered. you nodded. and unfolded your wings. slowly, you descended towards the window. an jumped out. with theo. you were gliding in the air, your hand in theo's.
  5. but then, you looked up. "im sorry. i must go now. goodbye, theodore." there was a tear at the corner of theo's eye. it matched you own, but yours were red. like blood. slowly, your eyes closed, and the tear fell. so did theos. there was a bright light, and you were gone. the only thing there was left was a crystal in the shape of a tear. it looked lke a heart. you fell.
  6. when you woke up, you were in you bed again. you know you had a dream, it was wonderul, but you just cant seem to remember it. it was at the very edge of your memory. and you just cant grasp it...
  7. oh well, you thought. you made you way out the door, and found stefen next to the door, asleep. you nudged him, and he woke up. "______! yay! me waited fo you whole night!" he hugged you, and you were suprised on hoe big he was. he always acts chidish so you just assumed...but he was tall, and had some mucsles, not like giant ones, but still. "now i show you dining room!" he grinned and dragged you along.
  8. when you entered the room. the firat thing you heard was "do you remember?" that voice was theo. slowly you shook your head. "remember what?" theo sighed. you questionally at the guys. they shook their heads. "can i eat now?" you asked, "im starving." the guys laughed. "sure princess. your wish is my command." you took a cair next to theo, and heard him muttering "remembered...............forgot...........later?...will she?" you sighed, and cintinued to eat. the rest of the guys were th same...
  9. but then, while you were sleeping, someone rang the door bell. theo opened the door, and turned around. "______, its........"
  10. bye bye! dont hate me cause this is a cliffhanger...
  11. rate and comment please! please tell me who your fav character is!

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