Which male Greek hero are you most like?

Which Greek hero are you most like? Sorry, I could not add any female heroes. There are not a lot of female heroes in Greek mythology. I will do one for female heroes soon. There are four options: Perseus, Odysseus, Theseus and Jason. So which one are you most like? I made this off by personality and by your choices of this quiz. So you can start now. Remember to check out the other quiz when I make it! Or someone else can also make it just write it in the comments. I might not have time to make the other quiz so if you have time then you could make it. Anyway I do not know what to write… My favorite Greek hero is Atlanta who was also a huntress of Artemis. My favorite male hero is Perseus.

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  1. Which one of these is most like your fatal flaw?
  2. If you were on a quest and you needed to past the Sirens then what sort of strategy would you use?
  3. Scylla or Charybdis?
  4. Which of these monsters would you defeat?
  5. Which one of these quests would you choose to go on?
  6. Which of these is most like your godly parent?
  7. Ocean or land?
  8. Do you like traveling on sea?
  9. Would you want to know what was on all the islands?
  10. Which of these heroes do you like most?
  11. Do you respect Poseidon?
  12. Do you respect the gods?
  13. Do you like Hermes?

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Quiz topic: Which male Greek hero am I most like?