Which magcon boy will you marry?

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Magcon boys are all perfect and sooooo Gorgeous!!!! But it's so hard to choose which one is your soulmate. There all so different and have different personalities and hobbies.

Do you want to know which one is made for you? Which Magcon boy will you marry? We'll take this quiz made just for you to find out which magcon boy YOU will marry!

Created by: Magconxoxo
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What do you look for in a guy?
  2. Are you...
  3. Opinions on JOX?
  4. Which boys are your favorites?
  5. How do you want your first kiss to be? (With the magcon boy that you marry)
  6. Which boy should get Verified next?
  7. Are you a newborn?
  8. Which boy do you want to marry?
  9. Have you ever been to magcon? (No effect)
  10. Your all gorgeous!!

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Quiz topic: Which magcon boy will I marry?