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  • somehow, this reminded me of one of my best friends, he is also my crush, and how he is the king at changing subjects quickly. it helps that he is one of the most random people i have ever met, and trust me, that is saying something. anyway, its no joke. one time one of my best friends, she is a total tech nut and she is so awesome, she called me the girl version of him. . . because i am weird!

    so i told him, i said, "so (insert tech nut's name) says i am the girl version of you.

    his response: "i wonder why they put a hammer as a compound machine" so obviously i say, " um. . . well, i dont know?"

    another time, my other good friend, she asks him, "what class do we have next?"

    well, of course his response is, "i have a sandwhich for lunch"

    what a nut.

  • thank you for the feesdback and that was very helpful becaause i have to pick a song lyric to determine whast wsong best to describe me and this was vaery helpful so thank you and will come back soon 5to taake asnother test


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