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  • Lady in white :) Rainbow moose. Mooses or meese? The age old question...

    llamaloverhahaha Mar 11 '13, 6:21PM
  • Im Eowyn! She is my favorite girl!

    Dark king- "No man can slay me!" Eowyn- *Pulls off helmet* "As you can see, Im no man!" *Stabs him.*

    Legolas Lover Jan 28 '11, 12:14PM
  • Galadriel,lady in white :)

    machen1991 Aug 31 '10, 4:58AM
  • Your Result: Arwen
    The Lady in green. You are a hopeless lover. Once you have fallen in love no one can change your mind. Your friends admire your soft heart and caring personality. Let your love grow :)

    I like my result and I LOVED this quiz!

    PintoStorm May 31 '10, 9:17PM
  • haha i got Eowyn-the lady in yellow! lol i think she fits very well

    rockrat101 Jan 18 '10, 11:51AM
  • Your Result: Eowyn

    The Lady in yellow. You are a tom-boy to the soul. You would rather play sports and goof of with the boys instead of going to the mall any day. You are competitive and a go getter. Let your spunk be contagious :)

    Awesomeness - but I do love the mall and I can be a total GIRL when I want.

    ImirriSyrinda Dec 6 '09, 6:47PM
  • hey i got Arwin........just my favourite

    munchkin Dec 6 '09, 12:43PM
  • I love this quiz loads! I got the Lady In White :) I love LOTR!

    Bambi Nov 30 '09, 3:02PM

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