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  • Black: "Leadership is your forte. You take charge in everything you do, whether it needs a leader or not. You think before you act and everyone appreciates you for it. There's also a 99% chance that you are the mom of your friendship group."


    (Honestly a surprise as I was kinda expecting blue, but I am honored by the role <3 )

    Personally I will only ever love the original Voltron but this was a really fun quiz ;)

    Suki Skywalker2
    • Okay *feels obligated to clarify* when I said blue it was because I was thinking of Princess Alura/Sven who piloted the blue in original which would give a totally different answer than the one for this quiz (which is ironically, the one most opposite from me. And yes...I did retake this quiz enough times to see what all the other responses were. XD What can I say, it was an enjoyable quiz! Actually my main motivation was to try to get blue...and I had ended up getting everyone else until finally I read them all. XD Soooo my personality explained -even though no one besides me cares- a very great and accurate quiz!)

      Suki Skywalker2

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