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  • Which Lightsaber Color is the Right One For Me?

    Your Result: Blue Lightsaber (Jedi Guardian) 72%

    Jedi Guardians put most effort on combat training while receiving only fundamental training in the Force. Traditionally represented by a blue-colored blade. Guardians are sometimes referred to as Warrior Masters. Most Jedi Weapon Masters were Guardians beforehand.

    72% Yellow Lightsaber (Jedi Sentinal)
    72% Purple Lightsaber (Jedi Commander)
    36% Green Lightsaber (Jedi Consular)

    IF you don't LOL at this you are not awake enough.

  • Orange,and purple (Gray Jedi)

    Gray Jedi are neither light or dark they tend not to solely focus on one side of the force they are strong force wielders they are also great leaders example: Revan is a Gray Jedi and the Exile is a Gray jedi. Gray Jedi are able to use light and Dark side powers of the force.

    Vex the Exile
  • Orange Lightsaber (Gray Jedi)

    Gray Jedi are Jedi who operate independently and often outside the strictures of the High Council. They are neither on the dark side or the light side, they prefer to skirt the line between both.

    yellow was next :O

  • Your Result: Green Lightsaber (Jedi Consular) 54%

    Jedi Consulars focused on Force powers while receiving only basic lightsaber training. Consulars were often Force-sensitive intellectuals such as librarians, seers, or researchers. Traditionally represented by a green-colored blade.

  • I got a green lightsaber-the Jedi Consular. I liked this quiz. It was pretty accurate.

  • Purple?
    Nice, but I'd rather be a Guardian.
    Not the best with commanding stuffs...
    Rock on,

  • I got Guardian. It'd be nice if there was black though.

  • I got 90% green 20% Blue 10% yellow 10% orange and 0% red

  • I got the Green, very good.


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