which kingdom hearts character are you ?

Find out which character you are and I hope you try it these are simple questions but willyou take the chances of being a kingdom hearts character thanks bye bye

Are you going to take this quiz....discover who you are do you enjoy quizzes,well I hope that you enjoy my quiz .... Well sorry that I don't have much to say bye bye and thankyou

Created by: kayla

  1. Which do you enjoy most
  2. Do you like the ultima keyblade
  3. Which is you favorite
  4. What would you rather do on a boring warm day
  5. Where would you like to go
  6. when would you rather fight
  7. Do you enjoy learning new fighting moves
  8. What do you prefere to spend the most time on
  9. What color hair would you rather have
  10. How much time do like to sleep

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Quiz topic: Which kingdom hearts character am I ?