Which kind of girl are you?

What tells others you are a girl? This quiz do! Take the quiz and you will know what real girls take to be like. You must know the real life of girls, and really not to get any closer to any boys when your score is very low!

Hey girls do you know this quiz tells your future what will be like and what will your futuristic name be if you made it to 100%. You can do it! Take quiz just now!

Created by: Angela of Ben 10 Planet-YolaSite
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  1. Which kind of sports will be your favourite?
  2. What will your name be?
  3. Which colour is going to be your favourite?
  4. Which kind of hair colour will you have?
  5. What school subject will you like?
  6. If you are a girl, you should be clever. How much is $145+$12?
  7. Which singing star is going to be your favourite?
  8. What will you do when you was just about to perform, and you don't know what to do at the back of the stage. What will you do at the back of the stage?
  9. If you are girl, you should know more laughters. Then do you know this joke: Why is 6 scared of 7?
  10. When will you bring a card for a boy?

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Quiz topic: Which kind of girl am I?