Who's your boyfriend in Haikyuu based from your POV

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This quiz measures your fantasy. If you're dealing with a relationship, feel free to fantasize about our Karasuno members. One is a match for you!!!!!

Join the others in this romantic, "hoping I could get my senpai in Haikyuu" quiz to finally meet your boyfriend. Don't be confused as I'm about to reveal who you'll get to the end. This quiz measures how far you know the members of Karasuno team.

Created by: Mar Rie

  1. What is your ideal personality to your future partner?
  2. What's the best asset?
  3. Your type of style
  4. Your ideal date with him is kinda...
  5. you text him, "I love you, do you love me too?" and his response is..
  6. How many kid/s do you want?
  7. continue...
  8. what pet do you want?
  9. Which girlfriend are you?
  10. He said "I love you, y/n" in...

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Quiz topic: Who's my boyfriend in Haikyuu based from my POV