What kind of Georger are you?

Where's George is a hobby that has about 50,000 active members and over 5 million members listed as registered users. With literally nearly $1 Trillion worth of currency being tracked, this is the premier currency tracking project online.

If you're a member of Where's George and would like to see how you stack up against the rest of the Georgers out there, please take this Quiz! Keeping in mind that the quiz results are meant in fun.

Created by: JonnyBoy

  1. How long have you been Georging?
  2. How do you acquire your bills?
  3. How many bills do you enter per year?
  4. Do you mark your bills?
  5. Do you EMS? (Enter, Mark, Spend, in that order)
  6. How careful are you about getting the serial number and year exactly right?
  7. If you make a mistake entering your bills do you correct it? (or let it stand or hope no one notices?)
  8. Do you attend WG Gatherings?
  9. Do you trade bills at WG Gatherings?
  10. If you trade bills at Gatherings, do you abide by Hank's Gathering Trading Rules?
  11. When you get hits and the User has Anon Email enabled, do you send a "Thanks for the Hit" note?
  12. If you mark your bills, do you try different marking styles and track them to see which gives you the best hit rates?
  13. Do you participate on the WG Forums?
  14. Do you talk to everyone you meet about Where's George? (cashiers, bank tellers, friends, etc)
  15. Do your friends think this is a cool hobby?
  16. Can you quote the Defacement law when asked if marking bills is illegal?
  17. How often do you use a Credit/Debit card for small purchases?
  18. When it comes to marking bills, which bills do you mark?

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Quiz topic: What kind of Georger am I?