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  • Sawako Yamanako

    You want to be loved by everyone, and therefore, you sometimes pretend to be something you're not. If you just relax and be yourself, you'll see that everyone loves you just the way you are. You are a sucker for love, but you should learn to truly love yourself first. You are a good mentor.

    Good quiz

  • this time i got ritsu!! both your yui and ritsu descriptions describe me well. I do tease my friends and i sometimes can be jumpy, i can be clumsy, easygoing and spaced out i do hate studying and i do get distracted easily. I also do take good care of friends but i can be annoying. Good quiz! im proud! happy! its accurate good quiz!

  • Tsumugi :3 She's my fav :)
    Great quiz, i love K-on!

  • Yui!!yay!! iw anted either yui or ritsu.!!yay!


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