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  • which jonas brother will you marry?
    Your Result: Nick Jonas

    You will marry Nick Jonas. because just like him you are sweet and kind of shy but you have a sence of humor. and you sing good too just like him your personality just shows your a good singer.

    Joe Jonas
    Kevin Jonas

    lol, i don't even like the jonas brothers but i'll admit, nick is pretty cute. also fernando did u rite that song? if u did that is kewl. but y did u put "my fellow americans"? o well, that is nice wat u said

    x aka mrlq x
  • You rock fernando.

    Oh, and I guess I got Kevin Jonas but I'm not a big fan of the Jonas Brothers so whatever.

  • I didn't even take this quiz, yet I hate it. The Jonas Brothers STINK!

  • I got Joe. yayz

  • i got kevin i dont even no who that is and i hate the jonas brothers lol :/

  • i got nick jonas yay!!!!!!!! i love him of course you can see that by my username hahahaha =D


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