Which is your Punk/Rock band?

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This is just a kicka$$ quiz about awesome bands that went super far in life and you should check them out!!! xD and lets us see which band you are! :)

Is your band Panic at the disco? Paramore? My chemical romance? Fallout Boy? or Escape the fate? Take this quiz too find out! it only takes a few minuts..Its short!

Created by: PATDrocks

  1. Hi there! Lets begin.. ^-^
  2. So..What color do you LOVE?
  3. What type of music do you like?
  4. Favorite Instrument?
  5. Do you like life?
  6. What do you like wearing?
  7. The thing you carry with at all times...?
  8. Shoes? ;)
  9. Your hair style?
  10. Well Bye! hope you liked the results! :D comment...Please. :)

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Quiz topic: Which is my Punk/Rock band?