What Kind Of Ska Do You Like?

There are three different types of ska. Old School, Punk/Ska, and alternative. Only Punk and Alternative are still popular today. But both owe their origins to the founding fathers of Ska. It doesn't really matter what kind of ska you like the sun will still rise so don't try to get all the answers right. :p.

Are you a true ska fan? Are you a trendy? Or are you a Punk who also loves a good beat and some brass? Discover your inner unity rocker! Maybe join a band!

Created by: Trevor Lang
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you skank at shows?
  2. What kinds of drugs do you use leisurely?
  3. Which is your favorite Ska album?
  4. Do you like to see a band that dances and plays at the same time?
  5. Operation Ivy is...
  6. What is two toned?
  7. What does unity mean to you?
  8. What kind of shoes do you wear to concerts?
  9. Finish this line... Stand Down Margeret...
  10. How fast do you like music to be?
  11. The London Philharmonic Ochestra is...
  12. The London Philharmonic Ochestra is...

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of Ska do I Like?