which is your jo bro?

ok so this quiz is to see which jonas brother you should date. if you ever get the chance to at least.you find out wheater you get adorible but hot curly haired nick, hilarious cute joe, or romantic hot kevin.

so in this quiz you are supposely their best friend. you hang out with them every day and you're hanging at their house for a while. i hope you're cool with that. it's basically wheather you're worthy enough to date a jo bro if you had to choose between brothers and trust me, it's hard!

Created by: steffie

  1. we'rte preteding that you are the jonas brothers best friend. do you like pretending?
  2. ok so you walk into their kitchen and joe is dancing and making scrambled eggs. suddently when he turns around to say hi, the pan turns on fire! What do you do??
  3. after the hazard in ther kitchen, you walk in the living room where kevin is yelling at nick for drinking too many soda cans.nick looks at you helplessly. you say...
  4. joe decides to jump on a trampoline. he falls off and scraps his elbow. you...
  5. you lost your ipod and you really need it. you know kevin had it last, but he's practicing. how do you get it back?
  6. nick is trying to study but apperently, joe doesn't see that. he's asking him where his socks are. what do you do
  7. joe n nick decide 2 wresle while kevin's on his laptop right next 2 them. joe and nick do some weird move causeing joe 2 hit his head on the coffee table, and nick hits his head on the laptop breaking it. the 3 of them r upset.wat do u do?
  8. now you guys have to eat dinner. but you all want different things. how do you handle it?
  9. kevin wants to talk to you, but nick wants you to watch a movie with him. joe wants to teach you a dance he made. you...
  10. finally it's time for you to go home. but you're comfronted with a tough situation.the boys each asked you out with out knowing. you dont wanna hurt their feeling what do you do?
  11. final queston. you have to go home. how do you say bye?

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Quiz topic: Which is my jo bro?