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  • dib....again .

    okay, i'll admit it I MIGHT BE IN SOME WAY KINDA LIKE THE DIB. a little... but i'm much more Zimish or Gazish really... the main simularity between the dib & i is the fact no one listens to me. other than that: no. in my opinion dib is a judgmental bully... that's why i make OCs though... i'm pleased to say none of them are sues either! :'D

    MadeYouLook Dec 30 '11, 7:11PM
  • I got Dib.I knew it.I`m like female version of him.Except I`m way cooler,and not mortal enimies with an alien.XD
    I`m a little bit crazy like Gir,but a tiny bit evil like Zim.Yet I LOVE video games.I say I`m a mix of everything,heck,I`m even SMART like Membrane!Time to make supertoast.....>:D

    Jij Aug 1 '10, 9:58PM
  • I got Gaz. Even though I'm a guy... I agree. I DO love video games, I CAN be sadistic and scary, and I DO have a secret soft side.

    Already_Dead Apr 2 '10, 4:13PM

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