Which Injustice Character Are You Part 2

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Following the destruction of Metropolis and the deaths of his wife Lois Lane, their unborn son, and his best friend Jimmy Olsen, all at the hands of the Joker, Superman establishes a new world order, causing heroes to stand in opposition to each other. A battle ensues between the forces of Superman's regime and those allied with Batman's rebellion, in alternate universe.

Which Character of the Second Row in the Menu Are You? Take the Quiz?

Created by: The High Counsilor
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  1. Are You... (Attitude Question)
  2. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends or Ben 10
  3. Supes or Bats
  4. Killing Questions? Yes or No?
  5. Would you die before the war
  6. Mario or Sonic
  7. Wii U or PS3
  8. Marvel or DC
  9. 123 or 321
  10. No affect Who Want?

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Quiz topic: Which Injustice Character am I Part 2