Which IM emotion are you???

We all use them, they help us tell how we are in a new way. They picture our emotions, they cover our jokes, they explan every aspect of us; they are an art: They are emotions.

So, we use them to IM and text our friends, right? But have you ever wondered which one you are? Well me neither, but now we can figure it out anyway!

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  1. Who are you usually chat with on IM
  2. How many friends are on your 'Buddy List'?
  3. How do you usually start a conversation?
  4. It's Saturday night, you are...?
  5. What do people usually call you?
  6. Why did you take this quiz?
  7. This is old, but: What is you're favorite color?
  8. This is the last question!
  9. Opps! I lied, sorry!
  10. Ok, here it is! Last one!

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Quiz topic: Which IM emotion am I???