Which Hunger Games Character are you?

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Have you ever read the book the Hunger Games? Come and take this quiz to find out which of the unique characters you are!

Have you ever wondered... "Which Hunger Games character am I?" Well, if you have... You're obsessed with this book. (Join the club) Also, come and take this quiz to find out which Hunger Games character is most like you!

Created by: Jordan Miller
  1. You spend your free time doing?
  2. If you see a beggar on the street you?
  3. Your strategy in the hunger games would be?
  4. Your biggest advantage in the hunger games would be?
  5. Your best skill is?
  6. Your love life is?
  7. Your clothes are?
  8. What is your favorite food?
  9. Your favorite color is?
  10. Your favorite type of music is?

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Quiz topic: Which Hunger Games Character am I?