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  • Which HTTYD dragon fits your personality?
    Your Result: Terrible Terror 93%

    The little, loud, adorable, and social dragons. These mischievous little dragons eat a lot, and stay in large groups. They are the smallest known members of the stoker class. (Discluding the fireworks) They love love love shiny objects, and are a bit territorial. They breathe tiny puffs of fire. What a nice result!

    65% Changewing
    62% Deadly Nadder
    49% Night Fury
    45% Gronckle
    42% Thunderdrum
    34% Monstrous Nightmare
    30% Scauldron
    28% Whispering Death
    19% Hideous Zippleback
    hahaha !!! I love this quize!

  • I got Deadly Nadder. Awesome quiz. :)


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