Which HP �� Character are you

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This quiz is HP fandom one I know you love it really these quizzes make me smile they take ages I'll give you that so I won't be doing another one enjoy it because it's special

This is a quiz just about Harry Potter a nice fandom ya know if anyone somewhat famous Is doing it then what ever character you want you can have enjoy and suggest plz

Created by: Cerys

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  1. Your late for transfiguration what do you do ??
  2. Your name is called out for the goblet of fire
  3. You see a big huge gigantic (ok we get the point) spider 💥
  4. You see professor mgonalal
  5. You see your friend with there hood up showing another person something on their arm...
  6. You see Draco with your best friend
  7. Your in diagon Ally what shop do you go in
  8. Your walking through the corridors of hogwarts what do you do when you hear a scream
  9. What house are you in ???
  10. Thus really don't matter can be bothered cause it's tiring

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Quiz topic: Which HP �� Character am I