Which Harry Potter character are you?

Harry Potter is a very famous Hogwarts character that everyone knows about. He has friend thats names are Hermione, and Ron. They are very nice characters to Harry and friends to Harry.

Harry Potter loves his friends and they love him. When Harry would get hurt they would wait for him to wake up at the hospital wing in Hogwarts. He mostly gets hurt in Quidditch.

Created by: awesomegamer99237
  1. Are you evil or nice
  2. What age are you?
  3. Are you a prefect, student, head girl/boy or teacher?
  4. Are you a boy or girl?
  5. What house are you in?
  6. Are you a headmaster?
  7. If you are a teacher what class do you teach?
  8. Would you save somebody or save yourself?
  9. Do you know your way around Hogwarts
  10. Do you know how to get to the chamber of Secrets?
  11. Who is the prisoner of Azkaban?
  12. Are you one of the three kids in the group? (Hermione, Harry Ron)
  13. Who do you like most?
  14. Do you know who killed Harry's parents?
  15. Do you like my quiz so far?

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Quiz topic: Which Harry Potter character am I?