which hottie will you love (part 10)

ok heres part 10. if you havent taken parts 1-9 you will have no idea whats going on so go find the parts and take them then come back and take this one. now go. but if you already did those please proceed

guys: tyler-red hair brown eyes. nick-brown hair and brown eyes. josh-blond hair and blue eyes. jacoby-black hair sweep over one eye and has green eyes. seth-muscular and has blond hair and brown eyes

Created by: Destinee
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  1. you open the note and see that its from conner
  2. if i cant have you then i will have to settle for your friend. and if you come and try to save her just a heads up im not alone.
  3. you look at the clock its 5:37. its early but you need someone NOW!!! who do you go to
  4. you go to your guy and tell him everything. he tells you to go wake up the others and meet him in the dining room
  5. everyone is in the dining room and tyler says: lets just go over there beat the crap out of them, get the girl, and come back. you say thats not a good idea cuz theres four of them
  6. well then what should we do tyler asks. josh suggests why dont we go with weapons.
  7. well you go with josh's plan and head over to where they think conner is. the whole time your holding _____ hand
  8. you look into the first room you see. and inside you see lauren with some other guy. lauren sees you and calls out your name. BAD MOVE!!!
  9. suddenly the guys disapper and conner and the other guy that was with lauren are standing in front of you
  10. conner laughs and kisses you. i knew you would come. then the 2 other guys come in. conner introduces all the guys. the one with lauren was blake he has black hair sweep over one eye like jacoby and has golden eyes. the second guy is kevin his hair is like blakes but with blue highlights and brown eyes. the third same hair style but has green highlights and red eyes. you have to admit their hot but which of your guys are you thinking about
  11. suddenly you black out
  12. thats the end of part 10!!!!!
  13. who do you love

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Quiz topic: Which hottie will I love (part 10)