Which Horse Breed Do You Know More About?

Horses are my passion. I don't know if people know these things but you got to find out one day. Right? Right. So you could find out now. Do you know or not?

Try this quiz! Test your horse knowledge( if you have any). It is OK if you don't. Try to see if you know silly little facts that really don't matter(they aren't going to be on that college exam).

Created by: Maddi

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  1. Welsh: Where are they from?
  2. Welsh: How many Sections are there?
  3. Welsh: Those sections are:
  4. Welsh: A cob is a half welsh.
  5. Welsh: A cob is a Section D.
  6. Morgan: Where do Morgans come from.
  7. Morgan: Who owned the foundation sire for the Morgan breed?
  8. Morgan: The foundation sire's name was.....
  9. Morgan: The foundation sire was born in...
  10. Morgan: The foundation sire's sire was....
  11. Did you enjoy?

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Quiz topic: Which Horse Breed do I Know More About?