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  • Which horror movie character are you?
    Your Result: Michael Myers 86%

    This is the faceless horror you don't see coming. Michael is cunning and quick. Favorite method of dispatching his victims is the large butcher knife. Michael is powerful and seemingly unstoppable!

    81% Jason Vorhees
    55% Freddy Kreuger

  • Your Result: Freddy Kreuger 74%

    Freddy is the comedian of the group. Killing people in very funny ways. Freddy is also very sadomasochistic. He loves to stab with his finger knives and look them right in the eyes while doing so.

    42% Michael Myers
    35% Jason Vorhees

    The faded smoke
  • Freddy Krueger,I would like to have claws for defense and protection purposes and maybe a bit revenge on my enemies too...mwhahaha >:D

  • I’m a spoopy boio ;3

  • im freddy kuger


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