Which Homestar Runner character are you?!

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Hi there! Welcome to my little quiz! There are only four results (Homestar, Strong Bad, Coach, Strong Sad) because I'm lazy and don't have the energy to make any more. To play, select the answer you feel suits you the most.

Don't know what Homestar Runner is? What is wrong with you?! Go to homestarrunner.com now or I'll stuff Coach Z's suit down your throat! >:) I'm evil.

Created by: homestar.phangirl of GO TO HSR'S SITE NOW!!
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  1. Pick something to do in your spare time:
  2. If you were stranded on an island, who would you hope you're stuck with?
  3. On a similar note, who would you want to be friends with?
  4. If Coach asked you if you wanted to go get some donuts, would you go with him?
  5. Which was Strong Bad's best computer, in your opinion? (These are the most well known ones. They do not include Block, Corpy NT6, Zappy XT6, Terminal D6.)
  6. Cliché question time! Favorite color?
  7. Who's the best animal-type character?
  8. If you were accused of moudour, how would you react?
  9. You have been caught doing something you love most people think is weird or wrong. What do you do?
  10. Last question! Best place to hang out?

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Quiz topic: Which Homestar Runner character am I?!