Which Hogwarts House are you?

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Want to find out your Hogwarts house, but are most online quizzes not that straightforward? This is the quiz for you! This Hogwarts House quiz directly asks you about the house traits directly and decides which house you belong to accordingly.

The quiz determines it through two factors that the Sorting Hat might use to sort students themselves: what traits do you value and what traits do you have? Disclaimer: This is supposed to be a guide towards figuring out your Hogwarts House, it is not a solid answer! Credit to wikia for all of the information provided in this quiz

Created by: Lena Wolff of Socials
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  1. First section: What traits do you value? What traits do you wish to have and what traits do you like other people to have around you as well?
  2. Daring
  3. Originality
  4. Resourcefulness
  5. Patience
  6. Fraternity
  7. Tolerance
  8. Bravery
  9. Nerve
  10. Wit
  11. Dedication
  12. Courage
  13. Intelligence
  14. Sharpness
  15. Wisdom
  16. Diligence
  17. Cunning
  18. Creativity
  19. Loyalty
  20. Determination
  21. Individuality
  22. Acceptance
  23. Chivalry
  24. Ambition
  25. Leadership
  26. Self-preservation
  27. Lineage
  28. Fairness
  29. Kindness
  30. Modesty
  31. Second section: What traits do you have? Do you normally act on these traits?
  32. Daring
  33. Resourcefulness
  34. Kindness
  35. Nerve
  36. Intelligence
  37. Wit
  38. Wisdom
  39. Creativity
  40. Fraternity (the phrasing was difficult here, just keep in mind if it is a trait you posses)
  41. Sharpness
  42. Ambition
  43. Acceptance
  44. Cunning
  45. Individuality
  46. Patience
  47. Chivalry
  48. Originality
  49. Leadership
  50. Lineage (the phrasing was difficult here, just keep in mind if it is a trait you posses)
  51. Diligence
  52. Determination
  53. Bravery
  54. Fairness
  55. Self-preservation
  56. Courage
  57. Dedication
  58. Tolerance
  59. Modesty
  60. Loyalty

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