Which 'Hero' Are You?

Are you a fan of NBC's new hit T. V. Series, 'Heroes'? You are, are you? Well, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't hurt to take this fun and easy 12 step quiz!

Answer these 12 quick and easy questions to find out if your as revenge seeking as Jessica, or, as clueless about everything as Niki! From Sylar to Hiro - who are you?

Created by: Kassie
  1. Do you dream of flying or floating?
  2. When something is broken, do you have the urge to fix it?
  3. Do you believe you have special or unique abilities?
  4. You have above average skill in...
  5. Skill comes in many forms. You would describe yours as being more...
  6. Would you say you are good at fixing things and solving problems?
  7. When your fixing something, do you fallow the manual word by word?
  8. Do you ever feel especially powerful, like you have unlimited energy?
  9. Does it sometimes seem that your 'energy' is uncontrollable?
  10. Which do you have more often?

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Quiz topic: Which 'Hero' am I?