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  • YES!! I got Ron!! :D

    Rachel Weasley
  • I got Harry. I always get him.

  • Which Harry Potter Guy Is Right For You?
    Your Result: Harry Potter

    He is brave, fiercly loyal, and quite sensible. He belongs to Gryffindor and fights evil for a living. His messy brown hair and sweet eyes are must haves.. one lucky girl!

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  • Your Result: Draco Malfoy

    Draco is the badass, beautifully handsome guy. His perfect golden hair and violently blue eyes are beyond anything you've ever seen. Not to mention his abs.. anyways Draco is very protective and if he falls hard for you, will do anything to keep you, even give his own life. Oh by the way Draco is my choice out of all the other guys.


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