Which Harry Potter character is your soulmate?

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Have you ever wondered if one of the Harry Potter characters was your soulmate? Well discover right here right now! Once you’ve finished the quiz. Good luck!

This quiz is recommended for girls but boys can have a go if they wanted. This is my second quiz so I hope that you enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed making it!

Created by: Anasia Edwards

  1. Where would the perfect date be?
  2. What pet would u choose?
  3. Pretend it’s your first day of school, and someone accidentally knocked you over. Then a boy came to help you up, who is that boy?
  4. The boy helped you up, he asks “what’s your name?”
  5. You answer his question. He then asks if your new, you say:
  6. You arrive at hogwarts, (if you chose new then it’s first time for the hat to choose you) same if you chose been here a while.
  7. With the dorm you have been chosen by, you find out that the boy that helped you is in the same dorm as you! You then say:
  8. The boy then asks: what’s your fav/excited for subject? You reply:
  9. After the day finishes, he asks you if you want to be his girlfriend…your reply was:
  10. The next day you find out he’s leaving the school, you can’t decide whether your happy or sad, so instead you say:
  11. How did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which Harry Potter character is my soulmate?