Which Harry Potter character are you?

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Who are you from Harry Potter? Hermione? Harry himself? Ron? Cedric? Or perhaps Cho? Or Luna? Find out here! There will be some repeated questions, it’s way too hard to choose!

Let’s rock and roll-please be completely honest, if you get someone you don’t like, sorry, but your characteristics are most close to that person. Here we go!

Created by: Anonymous

  1. First things first - your gender?(This will declare quite a bit-there’s still a chance you get the opposite gender!)
  2. What is the best trait of Hermione?
  3. In Potion’s class, you are brewing Amortensia with a pair. Your partner?
  4. Your potion is done! What do you smell?
  5. How often do you shower?
  6. Your fav color (I can only put eight, so if yours is not there, click none, and vote in the second round!)
  7. Second round of fav color (if you votes for the first round, click none of these)
  8. Lucky number?
  9. Lucky letter?
  10. Mom or dad?
  11. Bro or sis?
  12. Who will you want to get?
  13. If given a second chance, who will you want to get?
  14. If given a last chance, you will want:
  15. You least want to get:

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Quiz topic: Which Harry Potter character am I?