Your Harry Potter Love Story

Hi everyone, this is my first quiz. I've seen a lot of these and wanted to try it. Your options are Harry, Ron, Neville, Cedric, Fred/George, Oliver, or Draco.

Side note: At the beginning, YOU ARE DATING CEDRIC. There's a chance this isn't what you want, but things will change. Also, it might be awhile before part two comes out. Enjpy!

Created by: swiftie77
  1. You're in your third year at Hogwarts. What's your house?
  2. After the opening feat, you head to your dormitory, exhausted. But you see a mysterious figure block your path. Who do you hope it is?
  3. Turns out, it's Harry. "Hey, Y/n," he says. " Listen, my aunt and uncle didn't sign my permission form for Hogsmeade, wanna stay with me and study? " What do you say?
  4. Regardless what you answered, you turn him down. You had almost reached your dorm when you see a familiar face. Cedric's face broke into a smile when he saw you and pulled you into a hug. "How was your summer?" he asked . "Good," you reply. He gently have you a kiss. Even though you're dating, it was your first time.
  5. The next morning,you head to breakfast early, and see Ron, eating a stake piece of toast. He approached you warily. "Y/n, how do you manage to get all the boys?" he asked. " What boys are you talking about? " you ask. "Well, there's Harry, the twins, Cedric, and then there's me."
  6. You cash out, not wanting to make things more awkward with Ron. In your blind rage, you can straight in to Neville, knocking all his books to the ground. He turned bright red.
  7. After you help pick up Neville's books, you go outside to get some fresh air. It's drizzling, and you walk over to the Quidditch pitch, spying two familiar faces. The twins see you and fly down. (your preferred twin) brushes a lock of set hair out of your face. "Hey, Y/n," they say in unison. " wanna come to Hogsmeade with us? "
  8. You decide to reject their invitation. As you look up at the cloudy sky, you see a third figure coming closer. Oliver lands in front of you. Brushing wet hair out of his face, he smiles and blushes at you before sending him and the twins back into the air.
  9. You end up heading to the library to finish up your homework. You suddenly feel the rain stop. You look up, shivering, and see Draco holding an umbrella. "Y/n, can you keep a secret?"
  10. What did you think?

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