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  • Which Harry Potter Character are you?
    Your Result: Harry Potter 91%

    You are Harry Potter, you are the leader in your friendship and you try your best to do good by your friends and you have a good heart. you are very powerful you just dont know it and you will do anything to destroy your enemy voldemort.

    Ron Weasley 50%
    Hermione Granger 30%
    Luna Lovegood 20%
    Severus Snape 0%
    Narcissa Malfoy 0%
    Bellatrix Lestrange

  • Your Hermione you are the brains in the group you try to figure everything out and you love the library you have a huge heart and you'll do anything to help your friend destroy voldemort

  • Your Result: Luna Lovegood 86%

    resultYou are Luna, you are Very friendly and you are a complete fantasy lover your friends mean a lot to you and you are a lot of the time in your own little world(or other wise your known as a loony). but you are very kind at heart


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