Which guy will you love?

Okay to sum up the beginning: your parents went on a vacation for the month in the summer and left you with some dead beat relative who doesnt even notice your there

You are later kidnapped by four guys you'll hav to choose between! There will be dangers to dodge and rivalry :) the guys are Adrian: brown hair, glassy emerald green eyes, gorgeous smile, funny and charming. Chad: dirty blonde hair, stud, ocean blue eyes, outgoing, self confident. Dillan: bad boy, mysterious, black hair, crystal blue eyes, hidden sweet side. Mark: light blonde hair, chocolate brown eyes, smart, adorable, abit shy

Created by: TatiJudith3
  1. Since the idiot youre living with has like no food you're at the grocery store getting some. As your walk in who first catches your eye?
  2. Suddenly, a runaway grocery cart shoots at you and on impart you fly into a large stack of bottled water and lol yes you are knocked out. When you come to you find yourself in a satin sheeted bed in a room with turquoise walls and cream and gold furniture. Not to mention surrounded by the guys you saw before the accident(except the old man lol). Whose touch/action is effecting you the most?
  3. Mark says "Guys she's awake!_____ are you okay? That was a pretty nasty accident." What are you thinking?
  4. You reply "Yeah I'm fine. Wanna tell me what im doing here?" They all look at each other and Dillan comes forward and says " We had to take you here to keep you safe." What do you say?
  5. Let's say you picked the first one :) Adrian answers you and says " Well for starters we've all have had our eyes on you for a while but so has this creep Ryan so for your own safety we've kidnapped you and brought you here" This is a bit much for you to take in so you try to sit up but then lie back down since an aching pain radiates from your head. "You might want to rest some more because of the accident." says Mark and kisses you forehead and they leave looking a bit irritated but you ignore it and drift to sleep. What do you dream about?
  6. Soon you are woken up by a rock braking your window that landed not even an inch from your head!!and you scream. It has a not tied to it and it said "you can't hide from me, you secret admirer"!! What are your thoughts?
  7. Adrian soon rushes in with a bat! He looks at you and puts the bat down and sits next to you increasingly concerned and asks"Are you okay _____!?". You reply " I was woken by a rock flying at my head from outside!" you show him the not and he says" I can stay with you if you want" you agree (even if you dnt want to rly) he spoons you and whispers in you ear " I will never let him hurt you". How do you feel about this?
  8. You wake up laying on Adrians chest and you giggle at the sight of his messy bedraggled hair. He smiles and wakes up to hold you close and you to get lost in eachothers eyes and passionately start kissing!!
  9. You guys eventually decide to go down and get breakfast. This is the first time you've been outside of your room and this place is enormous! There's multiple hallways and mysterious doors but you dnt bother asking about them but you do see 4 paintings. Which one catches your eye?
  10. Once you two have reached the kitchen Adrian gives you an adorable grin and squeezes your hand. The others oblivious to this make their moves :) Chad comes from behind and hugs you and kisses your neck and says " Mornin hot stuff". You smile back and sit down and Mark comes over and puts you favorite breakfast food (me:woohoo! Count chocula!!) in front of you and says"special for you beautiful". Then Dillan, finishing his food early comes over and kisses you and says "see you later" and winks on his way out. Who has improved your morning the most?
  11. After breakfast you go out back and see a basketball court!! There's Chad shooting freethrows and calls you over! He asks you if you play and you (lie or tell the truth) and say no and that you suck but your willing to to learn:) he tales you in his strong arms and guides your hands and *SWISH* perfect shot! He gazes at you intense with passion and you start making out! you almost forget to breath!
  12. Then your suddenly interrupted by Dillan who's wearing an irritated/amused look "jeez Chad let the poor girl breathe!". Chad rolls his eyes and whispers"catch you later sexy" in your ear. Dillan moves closer to you and says" ya know I may not be great at sports but I know I'm a better kisser than the other guys" his icy blue eyes twinkled with delight.
  13. He literally sweeps you off your feet and brings you to his room which you notices is quite messy but u quickly forget about it and start making out with you like it'll never end!
  14. And of course your interrupted... Mark walks in unnoticed and clears his throat. You face reddens abit and you kiss Dillan on the cheek and he says" to be continued sweet stuff" then winks and you leav with mark. He says he wants to show you something and leads you to a huge library.
  15. Mark picks up a piece of paper and starts to read it outloud."To you I express my love, your are a vision of beauty from above, your very presence warms my heart, a feeling of joy and adoration right from the start" he says sweetly.
  16. You tell him you love it and he tucks a piece of hair from your face behind you ear and kisses you. You kiss back and he lays you on a near by desk and gets on top of you!
  17. You and Mark are really getting into this! His hands are even up your shirt and your easily getting lost in hes chocolatey brown eyes but then....

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Quiz topic: Which guy will I love?