which guy will you fall for?

ok so this is one of those love story gota choose between some guys type of quizzes. you live a normal life... or at least you think its normal. one day you meet 5 guys and your life changes from then on! good luck and hope you like it!

there are 5 guys to choose from (lucky you!) matt- dark brown hair, brown puppy dog eyes. is muscular like the 4 other guys. isnt't afraid to get in a fight or break the law. he is protective of the ones he cares about rob-very dark brown hair, almost looks black with blue/green eyes. he owns a horse and loves to ride it in open pastures. dylan- blonde hair, brown eyes. loves watching the sunset and is on the track team for school. ryan-sandy brown hair, crystal blue eyes. pranks are his thing so watch out! he likes to joke around and have a good time. steve-black hair, chocolate brown eyes. he likes to work on cars and showing off his flips.

Created by: Marissa
  1. you are at the mall with your aunt whom you live with because your parents died in a car accident and you are shopping for some clothes. the two of you decide to take a break and grab something to eat. across from you are 5 guys staring at you and whispering to each other. you cant help but notice so when your aunt excuses herself to go to the bathroom, you ____
  2. you decide to walk over to them and ask why they were staring at you. one of them with says "well you're just so beautiful, we couldn't help ourselves." the one closest to you stands up and says "oh don't mind him, thats just one of his pick up lines." he shakes your hand and says "my name is dylan, the guy who just used that pick up line is matt, the one with the button-up plaid shirt is rob, the guy with the cut-off sleeves is ryan, and the guy with the open jean jacket and no shirt is steve."
  3. so you say "ok but none of you answered my question." rob says "i'm sorry but we can't tell you now, there's too many people around." then steve says in a hurry "cmon guys its time to go!" then they all run off and you see steve run onto a fountain edge and do a flip. still standing there completely confused you're thinking ____
  4. the next day you decide to go for a run through the town park. you sit on a bench to take a break before you head home and you hear some voices. you relaize the voices belong to the guys you confronted at the mall yesterday. "she has the right to know especially because she has what they're looking for!" ryan says. "yeah but that will put her in even more danger than she's already in." rob responds back. you loook behind you and see all 5 of them standing in a circle arguing. they notice you looking at them and matt says "oh hey look the cutie came back for us." so you ask "what are you guys arguing over?" ignoring the question dylan says "hey do you wanna come back to our place? we can explain alot more there." you agree to go and steve says "i promise we aren't as creepy as we seem right now." and then you leave with them hoping to get some answers.
  5. after what seems like forever, you come up to a big and beautiful house in the backwoods. rob puts his arm around your shoulders and says "heres our house, hope you like it cuz you'll be staying here for awhile."
  6. rob takes you up to what will now be your room. he closes the door as you sit on the bed. "so you like it" he asks. "yeah this is nice" you respond. then he sits next to you, holds your hand, looks into your eyes and says "________ listen, i want you to know that i don't want anything bad to happen to you and i promise that we brought you here for a very good reason. i am attracted to you and i hope that one day you'll like me too." he leans in and gives you a passionate kiss. then rob gets up and says "be down in the kitchen in 20 minutes to get your answers." he walks out and you lay down on your bed amazed with that kiss you just got.
  7. you walk downstairs into the kitchen and everybody is sitting in the kitchen. its quiet which makes you nervous and you sit in the open chair next in between ryan and steve. "ok so its confession time" dylan says. "ok so i'm the one who put plastic wrap on matt's doorway" ryan says. "i knew it!" matt says everyone starts laughing and steve tells ryan "not that type of confession smarty." so rob says "well we might as well start from the beginning. your parents didn't die in a car accident, they were both fatally shot in the head because of what they knew and who they were."
  8. "your dad was a top CIA agent and your mom was a secret spy for the white house" matt tells you. "no they can't be! my dad was a mechanic and my mom was a banker. they were normal people!" "thats what they wanted you to think so your life wouldn't be put at risk" steve says. "then who are you guys?" cliffhanger!
  9. ok so what guy are you falling for so far?
  10. will you rate my quiz? i promise part 2 will be more interseting

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Quiz topic: Which guy will I fall for?