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  • First this is the perfect quiz to find out who is better for you and I Thankyou for making a perfect quiz.I got person 1 Im in a relationship with him for 6 years and whenever I say I wanna breakup he wont let me go. And he would say Im nothing without you. And I know he loves me a lot but the person 2 has been my friend for two years of college and the third year he proposed me and I accepted I didnt know how maybe I already had a crush on him I wasnt sure and we are going on in a 5 month relationship which Im happy with Lots of love and tons and tons and tons of care and he feel for me so he had to break up with his first love but I havent told person 1 yet Im afraid of breaking his heart Im trying telling him but he didnt let me go that made me realise that Im totally confused cos person 2 told if I left him he wont regret much and hes got all bad kinda habits but person 1 is like a pure gold now I know that person 1 is the best guy I can have. Thankyou for helping me out. Thankyou so much.

  • I got person 1. My boyfriend... I love him but person 2 is my best friend and has been since 3rd grade. And not to mention he has had a MAJOR crush on me SINCE 3rd grade. He told me that. Anyway, my bf always knows what to say and hes sooooo sweet and smart and... ok. sorry. lol. but by best friend has always been there for me. He said the sweetest things when i told him my darkest secret(aint tellin yall) but one night m bf said the sweetest things too... like "I love you more than life itself""You are my one and only, the love of my life my beauty""I think youre really sexy. I want to kisss you and i will love you forever" the kiss ended up happeneng! :) first kiss. But #2 said stuff like "The world would never be the same without you girl""(me: I hate my stjpid hair) Your hair is really beautiful... Just like you.""I know your taken. No wonder. You always are. I wish I could be taken by you.". Please help me. Comment if you can...I love them both but my bestie is easier to talk to... They are the onl 2 people in the entie world that understand me. and i love them both equally. Help...

  • Person 1- my ex that I think I still I have feeling for cause he was my first kiss ect. but he called my bossy and demanding so that kinda made things different.

    Person 2- i think my crush. The reason 'i think' is because I don't know if I like him. And I'm going to a friend's b day pool party and her twin brother is besties with the 'crush'.

    I got person 2.

  • Thankyou for this quiz..taking it and being asked these questions made me realize its definitely person 1.. Plus person 2 just broke up with my best friend for me and she absolutely heart broken and I wound never do that to her. Plus person 1 doesn't like me for just my appearance...

  • So I'm dating person 1 but I really really like person 2, I like person 1 to but I think he is more to get my mind of of person 2... And I just started dating him a few days ago... What should I do?? He said he loved me and he would be heart broken if I broke up with him... And I think person 2 hates me but yesterday he was super nice to me so I don't know.. Help?

  • Which guy should you choose?
    Your Result: Person 1

    Oh. My. Gosh. Person 1 is way, way better for you than Person 2 is. I just don't think you'd have as good of a relationship with person 2. So DEFINITELY go for person 1. You'll be in love. (:

    Might explain why his names my password and I can't stop dreaming about him !

  • This is a great quiz, I like my results- but the person I chose for person 2 I've never met. I've known them online for over a year. I only know what country they live in. Should I still go with person 2?

  • Person 2

    Wooooooow! Person 2 is much, much better for you than Person 1 is. I just think you're way better off with Person 2. So you should definitely, definitely go for him. (:

    but person 1 is my boyfriend :/

  • i just started dating person #2 but i started haveing feelings for person #1 because he's one of my close friends and i'm with him a lot of the time.

    I got person #1

  • Ok i chose a guy i like and a guy who i thnk likes me and hes cute and i got him i would've prefered the guy i like but now its great of who i should go with

  • You're very welcome (:

  • ok so i made person one a person i really like and person 2 a guy i don't like and i got person 1!!!

  • person one

  • i am dating number 1 but number 2 is my best friend and i think he is better for me :(

  • OMGGGG i got person 1 but i really like them both. My lord this is too hard to choose.

  • Okkkaaayyyy.....int eresting. REEEAAALLYY HELPFUL!!! after I took this I realized exactly who I wanted and it was my result!! THANK U ADDI!!!!

  • wow Person 1 I am never going 2 see but I still like him :) nd :(

  • person one was my ex...thank GAWD i got person 2(;

  • yupp person 2 it is lol

  • person 1 and 2 are my exes but i got person 2...thts who i wanted ;)

  • hah.. well.. i got person 2 and person is 25 years old. SHOCKERR!!!

    But, i like him so much.


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