Which guy should you choose?

Okay so you know when you're in one of those terrible dilemmas where you like two guys and you just do NOT know which one you should go for a relationship with?

Well, this quiz was built to help you make your decision! If you wanna decide on which boy to make your boyfriend, just take the quiz and then go for your result!

Created by: AddiBabyy
  1. Okay, go ahead and decide who person 1 is and who person 2 is.
  2. Which one do you think is cuter?
  3. Which one is hotter?
  4. Which one makes you laugh more?
  5. Okay, imagine yourself kissing Person 1. How does it make you feel?
  6. Now picture yourself kissing Person 2.
  7. You two are holding hands. It's hot outside. The sun is shining. It's the perfect summer romance. Then you two kiss. Okay, who were you imagining this with?
  8. But which one would you prefer to share the moment with?
  9. Does Person 1 like you?
  10. Does Person 2 like you?
  11. Who's easier to talk to?
  12. Does the thought of a long, passionate hug with person 1 make you feel happy?
  13. What about with person 2?
  14. Who do you have more fun with?
  15. Which one cares more about your feelings?
  16. Do you LOVE Person 1?
  17. Do you LOVE Person 2?
  18. Here comes your result! Who do you hope you get? Honestly?

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Quiz topic: Which guy should I choose?