Which Doll Are You?

OK so you are a doll in a store and you wait for some one to pick you. You choose your emotions and how you kill people... Oops I wasn`t going to tell you that you kill people you get to choose the personality by the questions like a happy, evil, mad(crazy), or creepy!

I hope you like this quiz because it took me a while to think up a doll story that people can choose from different things. I hope you like this if you don`t than remember I made other quizzes in the past Just look up : MollytheDoll and some of my quizzes are there!

Created by: MollytheDoll
  1. You, A bran new toy! Waiting for some body to pick you up and yell" Mommy, daddy! I want this one." You are ok if no one picks you today, I mean, this is your first time. But there is some one on your mind. You see a person. You want to be theirs. Who is that person?
  2. But that person gets a bright red doll in yellow slippers. You look at your grey clothes, You are mad, but that person might have not seen you, you tell your self. The second day no one buys you, some 7 year old girl, made a face at you. What is that face?
  3. She comes up to you and yelled : Mom! Dad! Look!`This is your time to shine. Don`t look cheep make it look like your well made anything you can do to make her want you more than ever. Her mom comes p with her dad. She yells out, Its ugly, Its creepy, Who ever made this is a complete MORON!!! How do you feel.
  4. Years after year you are either forgotten or made fun of. You feel angry you try to keep up with not becoming evil but know you can't handle it... You need a night, one night where you can kill some one any one! That little girl. That brat who called your creator a moron. But when... What night.
  5. So that time finally comes and you need a weapon. What is it.
  6. You are ready to attack her house when you realize that you can't to that in public! You need to get her alone.. How.
  7. The deed is done and she is dead. But you need to give your self a name to warn people who is this doll.
  8. You need a chant. Tails doll has a chant its Can you feel the sunshine and an other thing. Molly has one its a full song . Now you need one.
  9. OK you are all set just you need to make up a story. Now one likes a revengeful doll... So make up a story.
  10. Ok ready for your answer.

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Quiz topic: Which Doll am I?