Which Fortnite Chapter are you?

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A quiz to see what Fortnite chapter you are! This is my 3rd quiz so I hope you enjoy. You can get all 4 chapters so far but I’ll remake it when chapter 5 comes out

There’s: chapter 1,2,3,4 with 19 questions. I also made a couple Star Wars quizzes aswell that you can check out so check them out RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Cocoisatiger
  1. Which shotgun would you use?
  2. Which AR would you use?
  3. Pick a POI
  4. Pick a franchise
  5. Pick a biome
  6. Pick a Greek God
  7. Pick a music artist
  8. Pick a number
  9. Pick a skin
  10. Pick a heal

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Quiz topic: Which Fortnite Chapter am I?