Which Flash Character Are You?

The Flash characters are all characters with different personalities. Just like they have different personalities, humans do to… Take this quiz to see which Flash character you relate to the most.

Are you the fastest of them all? Or are you the trickiest. Or maybe you're are the most daring… Welcome, Flash fans to the most promising "Which Flash Character Are You?" quiz you'll ever take.

Created by: bball22

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  1. You are hiding in a small room with ONLY ONE thug looking for you with a gun, and you don't have one what do you do?
  2. Your sibling calls you for help without telling you what, but they tell you where they are. You find them and they are being held hostage by one of your older relatives, what do you do?
  3. You are hiding in a small closet in a room. A thug is searching for you. You can see the thug, but the the thug can't see you. The thug has a gun and you don't. What do you do?
  4. A particle accelerator blew, causing you to fall into a coma, what superhuman power do you have when you wake?
  5. If your ARCH ENEMY had a super power/weapon what would it be?
  6. Red or Gold?
  7. Hot or Cold
  8. Home or Away?
  9. Power or Peace?
  10. If you had a life goal and someone helped you achieve it. Would you want them to help you willingly or tricked into helping you? (Even if you needed that person so much and they refused would you trick them into doing it?)

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