What "The Flash" Character Are You?

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This is a quiz to see what "the flash" character you are there are 15 questions and please don't get made about who you get its just a quiz. There are 8 possible people you could get.

This quiz is just for fun it doesn't matter who you get I went off of personality not looks. Don't get mad if who you wanted is not on here I only put 8 characters on here there is a good chance you won't get the person you wanted.(Wally West Is Definitely Not On Here).

Created by: Maleah

  1. Whats Your Favorite Color?
  2. Whats Your Favorite Season?
  3. English Or Science?
  4. Tennis Shoes Or Sandals?
  5. Sun Or Rain?
  6. America Or Canada?
  7. Jeans Or Leggings?
  8. Earrings Or No Earrings?
  9. Hoodie Or Jacket
  10. Do You Like School?
  11. DC Or Marvel
  12. Superman Or Supergirl?
  13. Nike Or Vans
  14. SnowXBarry Or WestXAllen
  15. Coffee Or Tea

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Quiz topic: What "The Flash" Character am I?